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Highly-acclaimed game Unmechanical arrives on Android

Puzzle-based games are dime-a-dozen, so it’s particularly exciting to see one receive as much acclaim as Teotl Studios’ “Unmechanical”. The game has received the Best Game award at the Brazilian International Games Festival and the Best Artistic Achievement award at Nordic Game Awards. But what’s more exciting is that it has now landed in the Android gaming sphere – beginning its life on Steam and then moving to iOS before actually getting here.

On the basis of just the positive online hype for this game, you might want to download it even if you are not the puzzle gaming type. But it’s more than that – the game is artistically gorgeous. Its 3D graphics run on the Unreal Engine, and the rendering is just that beautiful.


Technically, the game can be classified as a platformer, thanks to its side-scrolling perspective. But there are a lot of puzzles along the way, and you push around a tiny robot-helicopter who is trying to get out of a hellish underground environment. The gameplay revolves around your little robot dude “grabbing stuff” that can be used to solve the various puzzles you encounter.

For all the bleak and scary environment rendered on the game, there is very little violence in it – probably a nod to the game developers making the game available for youngsters. The art in the game is expressive and beautiful, but some older devices might be strained to render the graphics correctly. Just the same, you might want to check it out – it’s available at the Google Play Store for USD$1.99.

VIA: Droid Gamers

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